Ep. 5 - Are the Kumbaya days of Social over?

How to make social media make sense in 2018

In this episode, we're talking about social media and specifically about how the Kumbaya days of social may be behind us. Is it about community building anymore? Or have these platforms evolved, and are now more like advertising platforms.

We open the show with a simple but big question: Does Social or How does social still make sense in 2018 for brands & marketers?

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Highlights from the conversation:

The days of true community building are still here.  Whether or not a brand feels that they own those communities.

We've got to really temper our cynicism in a way with the reality. And I think you look at first of all who you are, who these brands are trying to target what their (audience’s) media consumption habits are. How old are they, what the demographics are?

You know people just genuinely customers who love a product love a brand that they are proud of it. They buy it and they show it off. And this behavior is you know everyone. So many people exhibit this behavior to some degree and they will do this online organically and in some cases that's even without the brand's involvement at all.

Are there brands or even categories that when they're looking at their resources buckets are thinking: "OK we have resources to invest, but is there a point where social actually doesn't make sense. Would they be better off to invest it into a Search of better product into an app?

That's not your goal. Facebook community growth, for example, should just be a means to an end. That consumer engagement to improve loyalty or streamlining customer service are metrics to be measuring. The same goes for consumers.  Their goal isn't really to go on Facebook. Their goal is to be heard. Whether it's calling up the company or emailing them or tweeting at them.

At the end of the day, it is about the expectations of the brand, and the end consumer that are the important metrics to measure – not how many likes or fans you have.

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